HDMS P 564 Tranen


S-85 was a German S38 class Schnellboot built for the German Kriegsmarine, and was launched in October 1942. She was assigned to 8.Schnellboot Flotille in Kiel under command of Kpt.lt Hans.Joachim Krampe. The flotilla operated in the northern waters. She survived the war and was sold to Norway in 1947 and renamed KNM Storm. Four years later she was sold to Denmark, where she got her final name as P 564 Tranen. 27.March 1963 she sunk after a collision. She was soon after re-floated, and sold for scrapping. But fate made it different, and the hull was sunk outside Stavanger. The wreck rest today standing on her as a classic Donald Duck wreck on a depth of 45 to 55 meter on the south side of Steinsøy, northeast of Stavanger city. Also see the wreck of the small steamer Rolf at Steinsøy.

Former names:
P 564 Tranen
KNM Storm ( B 95 ), S-85
34,9 x 5,1 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
115 displ ( std )
( D ) 1942
København ( DK )

58° 59' 3" N 5° 45' 16" E

Picture: Kriegsmarine Schnellboot S12 & S 13
Courtesy of S-boot.net

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