Palime went down after she sailed on a mine laid out by the French submarine Rubis 5.June 1940 under a journey from Wilhelmshaven to Trondheim loaded with ammunition. She was towed by two German escorts and beached after the explosion. One of the escorts, M-11, headed north to search for the hostile submarine that they thought had torpedoed Palime but also but hit a mine and went down. They were assisted later by a Dutch company to salvage her, but under work on the wreck a large explosion was set of and and killed a group of workers. Further attempts to salvage her was abandoned. In the remaining years of the war she was used as a target under German exercises. In the 1960s the wreck was partly salvaged that broke her further down. The remains rest today 200 meter from shore on Jærens reef south of Honsvika. Wreck debris and machine parts can be seen on the north side of the reef on a depth of approx 40 to 60 meter.

Former names:

109,8 x 14,3 x 5,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2863 grt Rheierstieg ( D ) 1937 Hamburg ( D

Picture: Palime
Originally from
Nils Vik, private collection