The small steamer Rolf was built at Laxevaag Maskin & Jernskipbyggeri in Laksevåg, and was launched in July 1887 and used in regular service between Bergen and the small islands. In 1888 she was rebuilt and had her tonnage and lenght slightly increased.  She changed owners several times during her career, and the last registered owner was Ole Hidle in Stavanger. She survived second world war unharmed, and was in October 1946 deleted from the ship lists.  She was partly dismantled, and the hull was sunk at Steinsøy. The wreck has been known for many years, but her identity was unknown until 2020. She is often referred to as "Brannbåten" ( loosely translated : "the Fire boat" ).  She rest today on her keel on a depth of approx 25 to 40 meter. Also see the wreck of P 564 at Steinsøy.

Former names:

67,5 x 13,3 x 8,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
  45 grt
Laksevåg ( N ) 1887
Stavanger ( N )

58° 59' 4" N, 5° 45' 15" E

Picture: Rolf, unknown date
From H.Larsson-Feddes collection
Courtesy of Sjøhistorie

Last updated: October 2019