Sandnæs was laid down at Stavanger Støperi & Dokk, and was launched in Juli 1892 as a coastal freighter for the Norwegian company Sandnæs Dampskipbselskab AS. A few years later the route to Bergen was expanded, and in the early 1900s she was considered too small for this duty. She was sold to Stavanger Dampskipselskap in September 1903 and renamed Sandeid. She sailed as a coastal freighter around Ryfylke after several modernization. In the afternoon 5.December 1951 under a journey from Skjoldvik to Stavanger loaded with general goods, she sailed  into a storm at the entrance to Mastrafjorden and disappeared in the deep together with eight men. Today the wreck rest on a depth of 55 meter between Rennesøy and Utstein.

Former names:
Sandnæs 107,8 x 20,1 x 9,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
187,92 grt Stavanger ( N ) 1892 Stavanger ( N )

Picture: Sandeid
Anders Beer Wilse