Medor was a schooner built in Värnanäs in Sweden and was launched in 1884. She was sold to Norway in 1902 and renamed Sterling. On a journey from Gothenburg to Spain loaded with wood she hit ground under a storm 26.December 1918 outside Førlandsvågen. The crew of eight men were picked up by a ship that came to assist and brought to Haugesund. A few days later Sterling was made seaworthy again and towed to Førlandsvågen where she later sank. Today the few remains of her rest on a depth of approximately 18 meter on the northwest side of the pole.

Former names:
Medor 120,7 x 26,7 x 13,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
278 grt Värnanäs ( S ) 1884 Porsgrunn ( N )

Picture: Sterling
Originally from
Nils Vik, Private collection