The steamer Strassburg went down in the deep at Skåretreboen north of Haugesund under a journey from Cuxhaven to Ålesund to pick up a cargo of fish. In Haugesund they took on board ice and empty cases, and left the harbor 10.February 1923. North of Haugesund they held the course too much west and she hit ground on Skåretrebåen at high speed. The salvage vessels Achilles and Hercules arrived 11.February, but had to abandon her because of bad weather and high seas. The remains of her rest today on a depth of approx 40 meter on the south side of Skåretreboen.

Former names:

122,0 x 23,0 x 12,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
223 grt  ( D ) 1902 Nordenham ( D )

59° 25' 60" N, 5° 13' 0" E

Picture: Strassburg shipwrecked
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