The steam trawler Topaz was built by Welton & Gemell Cook in England, and was launched in 1895 for the British company Kingston Steam Trawling. She was sold to Sweden in 1910, and twenty years later she was sold to Norway. After the outbreak of world war two she was in Haugesund and continued her duty in the Norwegian home fleet. Under a journey from Haugesund to Sagvåg loaded with 35 tons of dynamite, she was attacked by British airplanes outside Haugesund 14.December 1941. The cargo of dynamite exploded and the whole crew of five men perished immediately. Its believed she was sunk at or near Sletta, north of Haugesund, and her remains has not been found.

Former names:

100,0 x 20,8 x ? f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
149 grt
Hull ( UK ) 1895
Haugesund ( N )

Picture: Topaz, unknown date
Courtesy of Sjøhistorie
Last updated: December 2020