UJ - 1704 Uhlenhorst


Uhlenhorst was built as a trawler for the fishing industry in 1939, but was after the outbreak of second world war quickly requisitioned by the German Kriegsmarine and rebuilt to a submarine hunter. She was assigned to 17.U-Bootjagd flotille and stationed in Stavanger. In the evening 12.December 1942 she awaited a German convoy which were suppose to pass Haugesund on their way to Northern Norway. She patrolled in the Skudefjord to secure against enemy uboats and later that same night she hit ground in rough seas on Trebåen south of Skudenes. Four men of her crew perished in the accident. Today the battered remains of her rest on a depth of approx 20 meter.

Former names:
UJ 1704
Uhlenhorst 49,3 x 8,4 x 4,1 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
522 grt ( D ) 1939 Haugesund ( N )

GPS: N 59 07,936 E 05 16,574

Picture: 17.U-Bootjagd flotille
Courtesy of WLB Stuttgart

Last updated: December 2020