UJ - 173 Heinrich Wesselhöft


UJ 173 was laid down as a trawler in Wesermünde in Germany in 1941, and had a short career as an submarine hunter for the Kriegsmarine. Under a search to locate a British submarine together with several other German ships 8.May 1941, she was bombed by Allied Bleinheim airplanes and sank at Karlsmedgrunden southwest of Stavanger. This group consisted of the four submarine hunters UJ 171, UJ 173, UJ 176 and UJ 179, and the minesweeper M 84. The airplanes attacked twice, and UJ 173 went down after being hit by three bombs. One Blenheim plane was shot down by the German minesweeper M 84 and under the attack six men were killed and another fourteen injured. The battered remains of the uboat hunter rest today on a depth of 15 to 30 meter west of Feistein lighthouse.

Former names:
UJ 173
Heinrich Wesselhöft
Tons: Built: Home Port:
527 grt Wesermünde ( D ) 1941 Stavanger ( N )

58° 56' 17" N, 5° 30' 4" E

Picture: UJ 173
Erling Skjold / Norwegian Shipwreck Archive