Vestra was owned by the Norwegian company Richard Jansen, and did service under second world war for the GermanKriegsmarine. She sailed with Norwegian crew, but had a anti-air defense flak crew of German soldiers.. While at anchor in Haugesund harbor under a journey from Nordmøre to Sauda loaded with limestone. she was attacked by Bristol Beaufighter planes from RAF squadrons 235, 248 and 404 in the afternoon 21.October 1944. The crew which were below deck never got time to man the antiaircraft guns and after several hits she sank with her bow first. Under the assault the German freighter Eckenheim also got hit and damaged. The wreck of Vestra rest today on a depth of 40 to 50 meter right outside the UMOE yard in the harbor.

Former names:
Norma, Hufterø, Ørnefjell, Risør 244,8 x 37,2 x16,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1421 grt Amsterdam ( NL ) 1904 Haugesund ( N )

59 24 N 05 16 E
Picture: Vestra
Originally from
"Våre Gamle Skip"
& Haugalands Museene