Follesøy was built with a hull of wood under the name Ernst in Söderköping in Sweden in 1918, and was sold to a Norwegian owner in Trondheim 1942. Under a journey from Herøya to Ålesund loaded with saltpeter she developed a leak and went down outside Jomfruland 31.October 1969. The wreck rest according to a report from Forum Skagerak, on a depth of 14 meter southeast of Jomfruland National park.

Former names:
Ernst, Frostfart II, Brosme 89,8 x 20,3 x 8,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
111 grt
Söderköping ( S ) 1918 Ålesund ( N )
N 58 51 E 09 36
( Source: Forum Skagerak )