Barge - Frierfjord


In the Frierfjord at Surtebogen, two small barges rest on a depth of 20 to 30 meter, resting on their keels as a couple of classic Donald Duck wrecks. The wrecks rest approximately 150 meter from land in Kastebukta north of Holmen. One of the wrecks is often referred to as "Gravelekteren" in Norwegian ( loosely translated to "the digging barge" ), due to a sign spotted on the wreck back in the days pointing out the direction to an excavator on board. This of course indicate she might have been used as a working barge. Its believed these barges sunk sometime between 1980-1985.

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GPS: N 59 04.279 E 9 37.872
( Source: Maxmekker )