Bruinvisch was launched as a fishing steamer in Pannevis & Soon in Holland in 1929. After the German invasion f Holland in May 1940, she sailed to England, and was the year after requisitioned by the Dutch Royal navy and refitted as an auxiliary minesweeper. Two years later she participated in Operation Neptune in June 1944 together with several other Dutch warships and merchant ships. She was sold to Norway in 1953, rebuilt by Brødrene Lothe AS in Haugesund and renamed Joma. Under a journey from Kragerø to Halden loaded with cobblestone 20.June 1970, she was hit by a heavy breaker and foundered. She went down in a matter of seconds and three men went down with her. The wreck rest today on her keel with a slight listing east of Kragerø outside Jomfruland on a depth of approx 55 to 60 meter.

Former names:
Bruinvisch 105,0 x 19,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
164 grt
Alpen ( NL ) 1929
Haugesund ( N )

Picture: Bruinvisch as an auxiliary minesweeper
Courtesy of Kimenai

Last updated: November 2019