The steamship Scotland hit ground at Finnebåene in Langesundbukta 22.April 1911 under a journey from Kristiania to Glasgow with eight passengers and loaded with general goods. Scotland was one of the most grandiose passenger and cargo freighters at the time, and was admired for her luxury and comfort. She was built at Grangemouth in 1904, and was delivered to the Norwegian company Fred Olsen Lines the same year. In November 1905 and the entry of King Haakon VII as king of Norway, she sailed in front for a line of ships up the Oslofjord to meet the royal ship Heimdal.s After the accident attempts were made to save her with assistance from the salvage steamer Neptun, but her bow was now already submerged. With help from the steamers Paris and Frigga they managed to rescue the passengers and parts of the cargo before she went down. The rescue operation was soon abandoned and the wreck was later scrapped in-situ. What little is left of her is spread out in shallow water at Finnebåene in Langesundfjord.

Former names:

215,3 x 32,1 x 20,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1100 grt
Grangemouth ( UK ) 1904 Kristiania ( N )

Picture: Scotland
Originally from
Nils Vik, private collection