The steamship Tinn is one of the ships in history with the shortest career ever, maybe only beaten by the Swedish navy vessel Wasa. She was built in different sections in Kristiansand, and transported up to Tinnsjøen on trucks where she was assembled. The total cost for the project was a total of 88.000 Norwegian crowns, which was quite a lot of money in those days. The launch of her was very formal, and was honored with a music band and a baptizing of her name.Her launch was set to 24.August 1910, and as soon as she hit the waterline, she got a listing. In a matter of minutes she capsized and disappeared in the deep. The wreck was found by divers in 1988, and there has been several technical dives on the wreck. The ship bell and other items from her inventory has been salvaged.  The wreck rest today approx one hundred meters from shore on a depth of 98 to 102 meter.

Former names:

98,0 x 19,0 x 8,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
170 grt
Kristiansand ( N ) 1910 ( N )

59° 56' 57" N, 8° 50' 58" E

Picture: Tinn and her last moments in sunshine
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