Black Watch


Black Watch was for her time one of the most modern ship in her class. Built for Fred Olsen Lines in 1939 she was meant to serve the passenger routec between Kristiansand, Newcastle and Oslo. Right after the German occupation of Norway she was requisitioned by Kriegsmarine. She sailed with a Norwegian crew until 1943, when the Germans put in their own crew. From 1943 she was given the role as headquarter for General Der Infanterie E.Dietl, but she was later used as a depot ship for German uboat crews. 4.May 1945 Black Watch is laid at anchor in Kilbotn together with the German submarine U 711 when they suddenly are attacked by British Avenger and Wildcat planes in the afternoon. With bombs and machine cannons the planes attacks Black Watch and U 711 and inflicts heavy damage on both of them. The pilots note down seven hits before she suddenly explodes and breaks in two parts. The wreck rest today in Kilbotn bay outside Harstad on a depth of 15 to 50 meter. The Norwegian salvage company Høvding raised the stern after the war.

Former names:
Black Watch

365,1 x 53,3 x 26,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5035 grt Oslo ( N ) 1939 Oslo  ( N )

68° 43' 11" N, 16° 34' 9" E

Picture: Black Watch
Courtesy of Johannes Naavik

Last updated: January 2021