Elise Schulte


The German steamship Elise Schulte went down in the deep 11.January 1942 right under the bridge in Dyrøysundet in morthern Norway. She was a journey from Rotterdam to Kirkenes loaded coal when she ran aground. She was stuck for several hours and the crew sent message about the accident. A rescue boat was sent out to assist, and they arrived on the site nearly at the same time when she went down. It exist two shipwrecks with the same name in Norway, and this have sometimes resulted in some confusion. around their histories The Norwegian divers magazine Dykking had an article about this, described the two different "Elise" wrecks in Norway. The wreck of this particular Elise Schulte rest today south of the bridge in Dyrøysundet on a depth of approx 5 to 32 meter.

Former names:
Elise Schulte
Rounton Grange 384,1 x 52,2 x 27,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4626 grt Howdon ( UK ) 1913 Emden ( D )

69° 5' 27" N, 17° 35' 55" E

Picture: Elise Schulte
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