The steamer Flint was on a journey from Kirkenes to Rotterdam loaded with iron ore when she went down in Rystraumen south of Tromsø 1. September 1928. A heavy current took hold of her and forced her to loose correct heading, and the crew tried to get her on right course again but it was futile. Flint hit ground with her bow firmly planted on solid rocks, and here she was stuck for several hours. Then something unusual happens, the steamer Frøy which is southbound is also taken by the same current and drift straight into Flint. Frøy get away almost unharmed from the accident, but Flint got a listing and is now partly under water. Soon the remaining crew abandon ship and thirty minutes later the steam boilers explodes, making her hull break in two parts. The wreck rest today at Ryøya on a depth of approx 15 to 40 meter.

Former names:
Mia, Ocean 360,1 x 52,0 x 25,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4315 grt Newcastle ( UK ) 1908 Bergen ( N )

69° 33' 13" N, 18° 43' 23" E

Picture: Flint shipwrecked
Originally from skovheim.org
Nils Vik,private collection