Heinkel HE 111


Outside Tromsø rest the wreck of a German Heinkel 111 from Luftwaffes I/KG 26 squadron who was damaged under an attack against an Allied convoy, and had to do an emergency landing 4.July 1942. The exact model has not been verified but its believed its a type E or F. The crew got away from the landing without injuries and was brought by boat back to Tromsø. The plane was written off from Luftwaffes lists and left alone in her wet grave. According to local rumors, the plane was found in the late1980`s by divers. The battered remains of the bomber rest today on a depth of approx 30 to 35 meter in Buvika at Kvaløya.

Former names:
Heinkel HE 111

22,6 x 16,4 x 4,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7,7 tons ( empty ) ( D )  ( N )

69° 31' 28" N, 18° 16' 41" E

Picture: Heinkel HE 111
Courtesy of World War Photos

Last updated: January 2021