Kong Ring


The steamship Kong Ring hit a mine near Leangen lighthouse late at night 26.December 1941 under a journey from Alteid to Narvik with over 300 German soldiers. The mine was laid out by the Russian submarine K-1 under command of Mikhail Petrovich a few weeks before. She was hit on her port side and attempts to launch the lifeboats failed. Signal flares was fired but wasn't noticed be anyone. Six minutes later she disappeared in the deep with her bow first, and it is believed that 286 people lost their lives in the sinking. The wreck was found by Bjørn Stenvold in the autumn 2004 on a depth of approx 105 meter outside Grøtsund in the Ullsfjorden.

Former names:
Kong Ring

271,3 x 38,2 x 19,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1994 grt Oslo ( N ) 1929 Oslo ( N )

69° 32' 1" N, 19° 41' 5" E

Picture: Kong Ring
H Larsson Fedde collection