The steamship Landego sank in Toppsundet 11.July 1941 during work with laying cables for the German occupation force. She was recently requisitioned by the Wehrmacht and Aussenstelle Tromsø T.B.V to lay an underwater cable across the bay. They did however forget to check their maps over minefields in the area, and during their work with laying the cable Landego hit a mine and sank. Out of 18 people on board, seven Norwegians and two Germans perished in the accident. The wreck rest today south of Elgsnes Indre in Toppsundet on a depth of approx 55 to 70 meter.

Former names:

135,7 x 24,1 x 12,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
364 grt Moss ( N ) 1927 Harstad ( N )

68° 52' 48" N, 16° 15' 20" E

Picture: Landego in 1927
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