The former Soviet cruiser Murmansk was in tow from Murmansk in Russia towards India for scrapping in december 1994, when the tow broke and the cruiser ran aground southwest on the island Sørøya. The wreck of Murmansk lies today near the small town of Sørvær west of Hammerfest city. A few halfhearted attempts were made to salvage the wreck, but at the time of writing ( 2007 ), Murmansk still stands in shallow waters at Sørvær. Most of the cruiser can be spotted from shore, and barely seven meter of the hull rest under the waterline.

The wreck was raised and scrapped in 2012.

Former names:

210,0 x 22,0 x 7,2 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
13600 grt Severodvinsk ( RU ) 1953  ( RU )

Picture: Murmansk in operational status
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Picture: The wreck of Murmansk ( 2003 )
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