Süd America VIII


The tugboat C 19 S was built in Hamburg in Germany and was launched in 1914. Its a little unclear when she arrived to Norway and sailed under the name Süd America VIII. Under second war its widely believed she served as a tug boat for the German battleship Tirpitz, but this is not correct. Under a journey from Stakkvik to Tromsø she sailed into a German minefield and sank shortly after. Today the wreck rest in two separate parts on a depth of approx 12 to 18 meter at Reinøy in Langsundet, north of Tromsø.

Former names:
Süd America VIII
C 19 S 31,3 x 7,8 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
199 grt Hamburg ( D ) 1914 Hamburg ( D )

GPS: N69 51.044 E19 24.479

Picture: Süd America VIII
Courtesy of © Erling Skjold / NSA