U 49


U 49 was a type VIIB uboat built by Germaniawerft AG in Kiel, and was launched for the German Kriegsmarine 24.June 1939. She was commissioned in August 1939, and after a few months with training under command of Käpitanleutnant Kurt Von Goßler, she was ready for war duty in 7. Unterseeboot Flotille. She did four war patrols and managed to sink one British merchant ship in November 1939. Under the German invasion of Norway, Operation Weserübung in April 1940, she was set sail on her fourth patrol with course towards Norwegian waters. 15.April 1940 she was spotted northeast of Harstad by the British destroyers HMS Brazen and HMS Fearless and sunk with depth charges The wreck was located in March 1993 by the Norwegian submarine Skolpen on a depth of 300 meters.

Former names:
U 49

218,2 x 20,4 x 15,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
753 displ. ( surfaced ) Kiel ( D )1939 Bremen ( D )

68.53 N 16.59 E
( Source: Uboat.net )

Picture: U 53, a class VII B uboat
Courtesy of uboat.net

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