U 711


4.May 1945 Kapitänleutnant Hans-Günther Lange and his crew has so far survived Grand Admiral Dönitz crazy tactics and the heavy losses his beloved uboat fleet has suffered. What Herr Lange and his men on U 711 doesn't know is that the British has sent Avenger and Wildcats planes from RAF squadrons 846, 853 and 882 whom now all are heading towards his current position. All of his crew are on board the German depot vessel Black Watch for "recreation" when the attack begins. From the horizon the British planes appear and attacks both U 711 and Black Watch who quickly goes down. While the depot ship is attacked, Lange quickly jumps in to the uboat with a handful of men and get her away in an attempt to save her. They manage to get her a few hundred meters away but decide to scuttle her due to the damages. The wreck rest today outside Kilbotn on a depth of approx 45 to 55 meter.

Former names:
U 711

265,5 x 35,5 x 16,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
769 displ. ( surfaced ) Hamburg ( D ) 1941 Trondheim ( N )

GPS: 68.43,717 N, 16.34,600 E

Picture: Type VIIC class uboat
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