HMS Afradi


HMS Afradi was a Tribal class destroyer built at Vickers Armstrong and was launched in June 1937 for Royal navy. Before the outbreak of world war two she was stationed in the Mediterranean but was sent back to England after the was started. Under the German operation Weserübung, the invasion of Norway in April 1940, she was sent to Norway with the Allied forces. Outside Namsos while she was escorting an evacuation convoy, she and the French destroyer Bison were attacked by German JU 87 Stuka planes 3.May 1940. She was hit by two bombs and sank at 14:45 in the afternoon. The wreck of Afradi has not been located.

Former names:
HMS Afradi
F 07
377,0 x 36,6 x 11,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1891 displ
Newcastle Upon Tyne ( UK ) 1937
Immingham ( UK )

66° 14'N, 5° 45'E
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Picture: HMS Afradi
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