Arado AR 196


Arado AR 196 had its first flight in 1937 and was widely used by the German Kriegsmarine during second world war. Already at the outbreak of the war the plane was outdated, but was mainly put in service with reconnaissance and search and rescue. Also all major capital ships in Kriegsmarine was equipped with AR 196 planes. After second world war a lot of outdated weapons and equipment was dumped in the sea, and in September 1945 several German planes were sunk outside Trondheim. One of these planes was located in Mai 2017 on a depth of 55 meter in Hommelvika outside Trondheim.

Former names:
Arado AR 196

36,1 x 40,8 x 14,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2,99 tons
( D )
Trondheim ( N )

63° 27' 2" N, 10° 44' 50" E

Picture: Arado AR196
Courtesy of World War 2 Wikia

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