HMT Aston Villa


Aston Villa was laid down in 1937 for the company Consolidated Fisheries Ltd as a trawler, but was after the outbreak of Second World War requisitioned by the Royal Navy. After the Germans invaded Norway in April 1940, the British sent forces to help, but the attempts to stall the German advance in Trøndelag didn't go too well. 28. April General De Wiart was ordered to evacuate the Allied forces in Namsos. She was assigned anti submarine tasks together with two other trawlers and were attacked by three German airplanes 1. May 1940. HMS Gaul and HMS St. Goran were sunk, while Aston Villa survived and sat course towards Namsos. But the damages she had received under the attack was too much, and two days later she went down. The wreck rest today at Kroken northwest of Otterøya on a depth of 12 to 30 meter.

Former names:
HMT Aston Villa
FY 261 173,6 x 28,6 x 15,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
546 grt Middlesbrough ( UK ) 1937  ( UK )

64°32'21.2"N 11°08'40.8"E

Picture: HMT Aston Villa
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