HMS Bittern


HMS Bittern was built in East Cowes and was launched in 1937. She entered service for Royal Navy in March 1938 and was assigned to 1st Anti Submarine Flotilla. After the Germans invaded Norway in April 1940, the Allied sent forces to help Norway in the fight against the Germans Late in April General De Wiart was ordered to evacuate the allied forces at Namsos. During the evacuation HMS Bittern was attacked outside Namsos 30. April by German JU 87 Stuka airplanes. She was attacked several times, and was hit in the stern by a bomb ripping her stern section apart and setting her on fire. The damages was so grave that they had to abandon ship, and shortly after she was sunk by a torpedo from HMS Janus. The wreck was located in 1996 on a depth of approx 150 to 165 meter outside Fangneset.

Former names:
HMS Bittern
L 07 266,0 x 37,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1190 grt East Cowes ( UK ) 1937  ( UK )

Picture: HMS Bittern, Naval History
Underwater picture: ROV photo of the wreck
Courtesy of Namsos