Gebr.Backe was built by Eider Werft AG in Germany as a trawler, and was launched in 1907 for the company Friedrich A. Pust. After the outbreak of The Great War in 1914, she was requisitioned by the Kaiserliche Deutche Marine and used a s a guard boat. She survived the war, and was sold in 1932 and rebuilt to a cargo freighter. In the 1930's she was sold several times, before she ended up in Norway in 1939 as Røykenes. In second world war she was again used as a navy boat by the Kriegsmarine under the name Büffel. She was sold for the last time in 1948 to Bergen, and was renamed Bjørnulf. She hit ground at Breivika on the east side of the island Frøya under heavy seas 30.January 1949. She was written of as a total loss, and her broken and scattered remains rest today in shallow waters close to shore.

Former names:
Gebr Bracke, Harry, Newco, Willy, Wirurand, Røykenes, Büffel
126,5 x 23,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
269 grt
Tönning ( D ) 1907
Bergen ( N )

61°47'44.5"N 4°52'40.2"E

Picture: Bjørnulf's remains
Courtesy of Fylkesarkivet

Last updated: January 2016