Blaafjeld I


The steamer Annemor was built in by Tronheims Mekaniske Verksted and was launched in November 1918. She was sold in 1920 to Harlad G. Martens in Bergen and was renamed to Blaafjeld I. After the war came to Norway in April 1940, she is waiting for convoys southbound and her final destination to Rochester in England. The steamers Blaafjeld I, Sekstant and Pan is anchored up in Urdshalsvågen when they are spotted by German HE 115 bombers 4.May 1940. In the attack Sekstant is hit and quickly disappears in the deep. History claims that Blaafjeld also was hit under the attack,  and the crew tried only halfheartedly to rescue her. But the next day she also went down in the deep. The wreck rest today in Urshalsvågen near Kolvereid on a depth of 20 to 40 meter.

Former names:
Blaafjeld I
Annemor 226,3 x 36,5 x 15,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1146 grt Trondheim ( N ) 1918 Bergen ( N )

GPS: 64'52.015 N, 011'42.705 E

Picture: Blaafjeld
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