HNoMS Frøya


KNM Frøya was a mine layer built at Horten Verft for the Norwegian navy. She was launched in June 1916 and was commissioned in July 1918. Norway stayed neutral in world war one and she had a quiet and straightforward career until until second world war. When the Germans launched Operation Weserübung, the invasion of Norway in April 1940, she was on her way south from Finnmark to the naval base in Horten. She sought cover in the Stjørnfjord and was several times attacked by both artillery and enemy airplanes. To avoid the Germans capturing her, Captain Schrøder-Nielsen ordered her to be scuttled, and soon after she was beached at Søtvika northeast of Høybakken and the valves opened. She was then spotted by the German uboat U-34 under command of Kapitänleutnant Wilhelm Rollmann who torpedoed her and blew of the stern. The wreck was left alone until after the war when she was salvaged in situ. They did a good job, and today its only minor wreck debris left scattered out on a depth of approx 8 to 10 meter.

Former names:
HNoMS Frøya

75,3 x 8,2 x 2,8 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
870 grt
Horten ( N ) 1918
( N )

Picture: HNoMS Frøya
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