The trawler Heinrich Kappelhoff was built by Schichau Werke In Elbing and was launched in May 1934. She did service in the fishing industry until the German Kriegsmarine requisitioned her in October 1939. She was put in service as a guard boat in 12. Vorpostenboot flotille and renamed V-1208. She survived second world war and was sold to Norway in 1956 where she was used as a coastal freighter and renamed to Kletten. She ran aground in October 1985 on Skoldflua under a journey from Vinjefjorden to Hemnes loaded with oil gravel. She was abandoned on the reef, and a few days later she slid of and sank. The wreck rest south on Skoldflua in Knarrlagsundet north of Skardsøy on a depth of 10 to 20 meter.

Former names:
Heinrich Kappelhoff, V-1208,El Main
Tons: Built: Home Port:
54 grt Elbing ( D ) 1934 Florø ( N )

63° 23' 34" N, 8° 35' 35" E

Picture: Kletten
Courtesy of Hitra-Frøya