Lockheed Hudson


Early in the morning 11.June 1940 twelve Lockheed Hudson airplanes leaves Scotland with course towards Trondheim and to attack the German battleship Bismarck and the battlecruiser Scharnhorst. Around noon they arrive Agdenes and form up four formations before they launch their assault on the harbor. Several vessels are hit and so is Scharnhorst. But the German anti-aircraft defense now start to find their targets, and German fighters are launched from Værnes airport. Two British planes are hit, one crashes outside Pine Mølle, and the second one nearly one kilometer north near Steinshylla. The remains of the plane that went down outside Pine Mølle, rest today half a kilometer from shore in Buvika on a depth of approx 50 meter.

Former names:
Lockheed Hudson

13,8 x 3,3 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5,4 tons ( empty ) Burbank ( US )  ( UK )

Picture: Lockheed A29 Hudson
Courtesy of USAAF, Public domain