Frigg was built by Falkenbergs Varv ABB in Sweden and was launched in 1962. Four years later she was sold to Norway and, and during her career she changed both name and owners several times. Marathon as she then was named, ran aground on Storkolla at Buholmstråsa lighthouse 19. August 1971. The ship was stuck on the reef for several months before she under a gale slid off the reef and drifted ashore on the west side of Augsundet, where she went down in the deep 2. November 1971. In the late 1970s parts of the wreck was salvaged by the Norwegian salvage company Høvding. Her bow and other wreck debris rest today on depth of 15 to 20 meter on the west side of Augsund.

Former names:
Frigg, Mirana 233,0 x 38,7 x 18,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1199 grt Falkenberg ( S ) 1962 Haugesund ( N )

64°26'38.0"N 10°29'05.0"E
Picture: Mirana in the late 1960's
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