Borculo was built by Van Diepen in Groeningen in Holland and was launched in 1952 named after the Dutch town in Gelderland. She was in 1964 sold to Arnold Myrdal in Norway and renamed to Rott, and then to Moi in 1973 under the same ownership. Under a journey from Hammerfall to Knarvik loaded with stone, she hit ground in poor visibility and snow on Maltsekken 3. January 1975. She laid herself at rest on a depth of 20 to 40 meter southeast of Maltsekken. The wreck rest today only 100 meters from the wreck of the German guard boat V-5607 Ostmark.

Former names:
Borculo, Rott 61,2 x 9,25 x 3,3 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
490 grt Groningen ( NL ) 1952 Sandnes ( N )

64° 1' 7" N, 9° 58' 18" E

Picture: Borculo
Courtesy of John Sins
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