Sekstant was on a journey from Foldafoss to Thames in England when she had to anchor up in Urdshalsvågenwhen in May 1940 to await for a convoy to England due to the outbreak of war with Germany the previous month. 4.May 1940 German JU 87 Stuka dive bombers attacks the three Norwegian ships Sekstant, Blaafjeld and Pan while they lay at anchor. Sekstant is hit several times and quickly goes down in the deep. Blaafjeld also receives damage and goes down the following day. The wreck rest today at Urdshalsvågen on a depth of 47 to 65 meter.

Former names:
Nordstrand 244,3 x 37,7 x 15,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1626 grt Bergen ( N ) 1920 Bergen ( N )

GPS: N: 64'51.980 E: 011'42.539
Picture: Sekstant
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