Short Sunderland


Under a search for the German submarine U 622, the Norwegian divers Kaj Sjølie and Frode Aakvik instead found the wreck of at large airplane. This plane had done service for RAF squadron 119, 208 Flight Training Unit and for Australian pilots in 461 squadron. After the war the Norwegian squadron 330 took over the plane, and she was sent to Trondheim. A few days after arrival, the weather was getting bad with strong winds, and the plane who had now been given the call-sign WH-Y tears of the moorings and drifts away to Olavspiren. The damages on the plane is severe and she is soon after condemned. Gear and instruments were removed, and during the loading of  fuel the condense from the petroleum is ignited and the area is transferred to a flaming inferno.  She is later towed out to Ilsvika and scuttled. The wreck rest on a depth of 55 to 70 meter.

Former names:
Short Sunderland

34,4 x 26,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
14,96 ton ( empty )  ( UK ) Trondheim ( N )

Picture: Short Sunderland
Wikipedia, Public domain