If the rumors are true, "Sloggen" or "the whaleboat" as it is often called, was a steam whaler requisitioned by the German Kriegsmarine under second world war and the occupation of Norway. She was put in service as a Vorpostenboot, in other words a guard boat. According to other rumors, she was also used as a support vessel and mine layer for the German battleship Tirpitz, and laid out torpedo nets and other security measures during the war. Maybe she did both these tasks, its not easy to verify these rumors. The wreck rest today on her keel as a classic Donald Duck wreck in the inner most part of the Lofjord on a depth of 2o to 32 meter near Undli pier.

Former names:

120,0 x 23,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
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Picture: Sloggen
From video by Wargwind