U 622


U 622 was sunk by American airplanes from US 8th. Airforce in Tronheim harbor 24.July 1943. The uboat had participated in Wolfpack operation Nordwing earlier, and had successfully completed four war patrols. No ships were sunk during her career under Kapitänlieutenant Horst-Thilo Queck. According to Uboat.net the wreck was raised in 1944, and taken over by British forces in May 1945 and scrapped. If she was scrapped or dumped outside Trondheim is still debated, and several attempts have been made to locate her. So far without any success.

Former names:
U 622

224,1 x 35,2 x 13,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
769 displ. ( surfaced ) Hamburg ( D ) 1942 Trondheim ( N )

Picture: Type VII/C
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Picture: Horst Thilo Queck
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