V-5706 Ostmark


Treff was built as a whaler at Akers Mekaniske Verksted in Oslo as yard-number 419 and was launched for the company Norsk Hvalfangst AS in 1925. She did service for them for four years, before she was sold to the company Tønsberg Hvalfangeri AS. In the autumn 1939 she was requisitioned by the Norwegian navy and 1.Sjøfarsvarsdistrict. After the German invasion of Denmark and Norway in April 1940, she was requisitioned by the German Kriegsmarine and renamed to Ostmark. A 76mm gun was mounted and from November 1940 she served as a guard boat in 57.Vorpoosten flotille as V 5706. She went down 16. June 1941 at Nessaskjæret near Stokksund after she ran aground, and the wreck rest today on a depth of 35 to 45 meter.

Former names:
110,8 x 21,9 x 12,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
204 grt / 66 nrt Oslo ( N ) 1925 Trondheim ( N )

64° 1' 0" N, 9° 57' 59" E

Picture: Treff III
Believed to be of similar design as Treff
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