Jason was a combined sail and steamship laid down by William Simons & Company at the London Works in Renfrew in Scotland, and was launched in March 1869. Not much is known about her history, except she was sold and changed name at least two times before she ended up in Russian ownership. She was rebuilt in 1870 and had her tonnage and length slightly increased, and two years later she was sold to George Russel in London. In 1875 she ended up in Russian hands by unknown owners, and was renamed to Archangelsk. She hit ground at Ryvingen lighthouse 31.Ocotber 1886 and was written of as a total loss. The hull is long gone, but the steam boiler and other wreck debris rest today south of Mandal on a depth of 30 to 40 meter.

Former names:
Jason, Union
201,4 x 25,1 x 13,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
551 grt
Glasgow ( UK ) 1869
Archangelsk ( RU )

58°00'00.0"N 7°28'00.0"E
William Simons & Company poster in the 1890's
Courtesy of Graces Guide

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