Dornier DO24


Outside the airport of Kjevik rest the wreck of a old German Dornier DO 24 sea plane This plane was sunk by an Mosquito airplane from RAF Banff trike Wing based in Scotland, 22.April 1945 while she laid at anchor. It is believed the airplane belonged to the German Luftwaffes Seenotstaffel 51, but positive identification has not been successful. The wreck can be reached by land by driving past on the outside of Kjevik airport, taking the  small road leading down to the sea and the old pier. Also have a look at the video link further down on this page. The wreck has severely deteriorated over the years, and the cockpit and other remains rest approx 50 meter outside the old pier on a depth of 25 to 35 meter. Also see the wreck of the Dornier DO 24 in Nordland county.

Former names:
Dornier DO 24

78,2 x 88,6 x 18,87 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
9,1 ton ( empty ) ( NL )  ( D )

GPS position: N 58. 123 .045 -E 008. 04. 166
( Source: OneOcean Dive Resort )

Picture: Dornier 24
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Last updated: April 2021