Fricka was built by J. Frerichs & Company in Einswarden and launched in 1908 for the German company Heringsfischerei Visurgis.  She survived two world wars, changed owners and names numerous times, before she ended up with a Norwegian owner in Kopervik in 1956 under the name Frisnes. She went down at Søreflaket at Hummerskjærene near Oksøy lighthouse under a journey from Svelgen to Oslo 5.July 1964 loaded with iron. The crew of four men all got away from the accident unharmed. The wreck, or rather her remains, rest today on a depth of  5 to 30 meter at Søreflaket.

Former names:
Fricka ,Anne E.L, Zeus,  105,2 x 21,5 x 10,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
169 grt Einswarden ( D ) 1908 Kopervik ( N )

Picture: Frisnes
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