The steamer Hindøy was laid down at Stavanger Støberi & Dokk, and was launched in May 1919 for the Norwegian company Klyver & Compagnie in Kristiania. She was sold in 1922 to Hav AS and renamed Havbris. Three years later she was sold once again, and ended up in Bergen and the company Albert Harloffs Rederi AS. Under a journey from Salsbruket to Hamburg loaded with wood, she sailed into a storm outside Søgne and ran aground 27.January 1945. She broke loose from the reef and drifted towards Hellesøy before she went down. Fourteen men lost their lives. The wreck was found by divers in 1991, and rest today on her keel on a depth of 45 to 73 meter.

Former names:
243,3 x 37,2 x 16,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1316 grt / 743 nrt
Stavanger ( N )
Bergen ( N )

N 58 031709 E 7 784055
( Source: OneOcean Dive Resort )

Picture: Havris
Arne Gundersen

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