M 426


The German minesweeper M-426 had in September 1944 cleared mines which had blocked the waters of Skagerak together with M-301, M-415 and M-462. On their way back to Kristiansand they started exercising various drills. At the same time 39 Beaufighter planes took off from England on an "Anti Shipping" mission. In the afternoon they spotted the German ships and attacked. Three planes were hit, and one them went down. Soon after M-426 is hit from rockets and is set ablaze. Burning with all engines out and a damaged hull she is still afloat and get assistance from M-415. She is taken in tow headed for Kristiansand, but it gets clear that she will not make it. They set course for shallow waters around Vestergapet, but the situation gets critical and a last attempt to solve the problem fails. M 426 goes down shortly after. The wreck rest today outside Helleviga on a depth of approx 12 to 20 meter.

Former names:
M 426

62,3 x 57,6 x 8,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
682 grt Schiedam ( NL ) 1943  ( D )

GPS: 58° 05,133 N; 07° 58,470 E
( Source: OneOcean Dive Resort )

Two Mboot40's in 1949
Deutche Bundesarkiv, Bild183-2005

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