HNoMS Mandal


The whaler Kos XIV was built by Smiths Dock & Company in 1932 for the company Kosmos II in Norway. Due to the increasing tensions and war in Europe in early 1940. she was requisitioned by the Norwegian navy and put in service as a minesweeper. She sailed over to England after the German invasion in April - May 1940, where she spent the war years stationed in Plymouth.She returned to Norway in 1945, and shipwrecked outside Lista 18.September 1945. Remains of her rest today southeast of HÃ¥gmenne outside Steinodden in shallow waters.

Former names:
HNoMS Mandal
119,7 x 24,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
252 grt
Middlesbrough ( UK ) 1932
( N )

Arne Gundersen
Picture: HNoMS Mandal
Arne Gundersen
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