The steamer Olivia was on a journey from Graveshead to Danzig when she had to seek shelter on the Norwegian coast. Captain Lietz and his crew hit ground at Ryvingen but managed to get loose and continued their journey. But after the grounding she had developed a leak, and shortly after the crew had to abandon ship. They were rescued by other ships and brought to shore, but Olivia refused to go down. Norwegian pilots entered her in a attempt rescue her, and the surprise was big when they discovered that the cargo was loaded with beer and other "interesting" merchandise. The story say they took the rescue payment in advance and celebrated with quite a few bottles. Not long after they hit ground at Vardeholmen 3.April 1869 where she sank. Written off as a total loss, she was forgotten until her wreck was found in 1967. Her remains rest today on a depth of 45 to 65 meter northeast of Vardeholmen.

Former names:

160,0 x 26,0 x 15,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
487 nrt ( D ) 1857 Danzig ( D )

N 57° 59' 234", E 7° 12' 611"
( Source : Vragguiden )