Khazan was built in Lübeck and was launched in 1928. She sailed for the German company HAPAG and was sold to the Soviet Union in 1940. When the German forces rolled over the Baltic states under Operation Barbarossa in 1941, she was confiscated by Kriegsmarine and renamed Palatia. Under a journey from Stettin to Ålesund via Kristiansand carrying Soviet prisoners of war she was attacked by an Allied airplane from RNZAF squadron 489 outside Sagnvår lighthouse 21.October 1942. Flying Officer Richardson who sit behind the controls on the Hampden plane takes her down to 30 meters and heads straight towards Palatia. Six hundred meters from the ship he releases the torpedo and Palatia is hit in the stern. The German escort vessel UJ-1704 arrives besides Palatia to assist but has to abandon her. The stern goes down, and soon after she disappears in the deep. UJ-1704 saves survivors from the cold water until the evening, but of 1137 people on board, 954 Russian prisoners and German soldiers perish. At Spangereid, a monument has been raised to honor the Russians who died in the sinking. The wreck was found by the Norwegian divers Bjørn Kjustad, Ronny Arnesen and Stein Hjemdahl on a depth of 70 to 100 meter at Sagnvår lighthouse.

Former names:

Tons: Built: Home Port:
3979 grt Lübeck ( D ) 1928 Hamburg ( D )

Picture: Palatia in 1928
Courtesy of Lindesnes Fyrmuseum
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