The Finnish steamship Savonmaa was on a journey from Finland to Manchester in England when she was surprised by a storm outside the Norwegian coast 20.January 1937. On board Savonmaa was Captain Bäckmann and a crew of 25 men, loaded with paper and tombstones. Little is known of the accident, but the first sign that she had problems came at night when SOS signals were heard in Flekkerøy. The first words that came over the radio was that she was grounded but they misinterpreted the words. After a few messages through the night they lost contact with the ship. Due to the storm that raged, assistance could not be sent before the morning. But the position she had given was not correct. They decided to search for her, and a couple of hours later they spotted the heavily damaged and half submerged ship at Kneblingene. They could not see any trace of the crew... the assistance had come to late and 26 men was washed away at sea. In the time after the accident the wreck was demolished to get access to the cargo, and under the salvage work Savonmaa claimed her 27th victim. She finally disappeared in the deep in December 1937. The remains rest today on a depth of 18 to 25 meter at Kniblingene.

Former names:
Franconia, Roland 95,5 x 13,8 x 5,2 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1808 grt  Göteborg ( S ) 1921 Helsinki ( FI )

GPS: N 57.978056E 7.636389
( Source: OneOcean Dive Resort )

Picture : Savonmaa shipwrecked
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